Love and Travel

Some of life’s most cherished moments are those spent with our significant other. Every couple’s idea of a romantic getaway is unique and perfect.

A secluded over-water bungalow in a tropical paradise – water as clear as glass, palm trees swaying gently in the sultry breeze – time being interpreted only by the direction of the sun.

A cozy room on the Left Bank of Paris – fire crackling in the fireplace – the hazy orange sky of the setting sun, you stand, hand-in-hand on your balcony, watching night quietly blanket the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

An Italian getaway – a gondola ride at dusk through the winding and intricate canals of Venice – your gondolier singing, as you glide past Renaissance canal houses and are intoxicated by the aroma of classic Italian cuisine.

After emerging from a luxuriously appointed lodge in the Serengeti – bouncing in the back of a Jeep, as you excitedly look on upon the majesty of Africa on a safari through the bush.

We know luxury. You know romance. Together let’s make your travel dreams come true.

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